Melaleuca Products- A Review Someone Who Doesn't Promote Melaleuca

Published: 11th December 2009
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If you want to become a Melaleuca distributor or customer you need to know what products you will be selling and buying yourself. An important compenent in MLM success is actually being passionate about and using your company's products yourself. You won't get excited and enthusiatic customers without being excited and enthusiastic about Melaleuca products yourself. I'm not a Melaleuca distributor, but I have used many of the products over the years and have reviewed them below

Melaleuca has always been 'The Wellness Company' so all their products are based on being either healthy or environmentally friendly. A large portion of the products use Tea Tree Oil for the active ingrediant (the name Melaleuca actually comes from the plant that produces tea tree oil). It is an antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic and being a natural product is safe to use in the home. For many years tea tree oil has served as an alternative and natural medicine.

Melaleuca products fit into several categories:

Home Melaleuca Products

The home range uses enviro-friendly products to replace nearly all your usual household cleaners including laundry, dish soap, dishwasher soap, glass cleaner, basic cleaner, etc. Products names include: MelaPower, LemonBrite, DiamondBrite, etc.

Health Melaleuca Products

Many of the health products use a large amount of tea tree oil since its medicinal qualities are well documented. The only problem I have found is that the topical ointments and creams smell very strongly of tea tree oil, which many people simply do not like. This range includes vitamins, antacids, joint aids, pain relief, immune support, skin creams and lip care, etc. Some product names include: Pain-a-Trate, Calmacid, CounterAct, etc.

Sports Nutrional/Weight loss Melaleuca Products

This is a small range, and typical of weight management foods doesn't taste brilliant, but wouldn't be called bad. Again, the focus is on helping you maintain a healthy diet. The range includes, nutrition shakes, protein bars, and organic snacks, etc. Product names include: Access bars, Proflex bars, Attain shakes and bars, Sustain shakes.

Personal Melaleuca Products

These include bath and shower gels, shampoos, toothpaste, acne wash, deodorant, etc. In my experience this range is very good and smells lovely compared to some of the other Melaleuca Products. The toothpaste admittedly does not taste the best, but the healthy products without many harsh chemicals is a good trade-off. Brand names are: Body Satin, Alloy Wash, Zapit, etc.

Cosmetic Melaleuca Products

This is Nicole Miller's brand. It includes both makeup and skincare. The makeup range is somewhat basic, and the skincare range is top quality. The makeup range will probably not replace an entire makeup bag, but will suit the average woman.

Here's the bottom line. If you are prepared to start using these products in your own household and are ready to replace the leading store brands with Melaleuca products this may be a good company and opportunity for you to take part in. The products are pricier than the average brand, but this is normal and costs can be covered by growing your business income.

A major flaw with Melaleuca is that they focus so much on creating their prodcut range that they don't put much into training for their associates. They still train people to start with approaching their friends and family, but this is a sure way to end up with tiny commission checks. If you love Melaleuca products and see a good opportunity, than find decent training elsewhere and grow a decent home business.

A good place to start is by learning how to market your Melaleuca Products and Business online at the dedicated Melaleuca Training Center from Industry Expert Niamh Arthur, where you can access up to date training to take your Melaleuca business to the next level.

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